Beatrice Merz Ana Mendieta

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Beatrice Merz Ana Mendieta


Today she is considered a cornerstone of a particular moment in history, and thanks to her eclectic nature many women artists, from different parts of the globe and from later generations, have looked at her and her work as a true point of reference. The volume unveils her extremely personal language, which is visionary and material, magical and poetic, political and progressive. In quite a short time (her career as an artist lasted just thirteen years) she experimented with a variety of media: performance, video, photography, drawing and sculpture, every time including her own image into the work and every time looking for answers, which she would search not only in the realm of tradition but in everything that links our human roots to the spiritual. She Got Love gathers over 130 works by this Cuban-American artist, created between 1972 and 1985 and chosen from among the most significant in the prolific production of her brief life. Ana Mendieta.

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