Saturday Kitchen Suppers

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Saturday Kitchen Suppers


The end result is stunning, mouthwatering food. Each weekend, over 3 million people sit down to enjoy SATURDAY KITCHENs world-class chefs cook fantastic dishes. Including seasonal recipes and tips from chefs on their favourite seasonal ingredients, each chapter will be accompanied by menus and inspiring ideas for dinner parties and entertaining friends. With entertaining and often humorous step-by-step demonstrations, the chefs show you how to make aspirational, restaurant-quality dishes in your own kitchen - with no specialist equipment and no confusing, cheffy terms. Including recipes such as Tom Kerridges Rosemary and Garlic Salt-baked Lamb Shank, Angela Hartnetts Linguine with Red Mullet, Chilli and Garlic and Michel Rouxs Poussin Scented with Ginger and Lemongrass, this book is bursting with gorgeous recipes to make all year round.

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